A Visionary Thinker*

Ken Bae

A visionary thinker* and a storyteller, driven by a creative license to lead and arrive at brand solutions through virtual platforms while utilizing the digital space for creative marketing.

Seeing how the digital space is exploding and expanding quickly, companies are faced with choices to cultivate their brands with tangible messages that will continue to stick in a new digital environment. With over 15+ years of digital and brand experience in financial services, pharmaceutical, e-commerce companies, fashion, and entertainment, I’ve been managing creative teams from strategy to launches, maintenance campaigns, and positioning of the US and global brands. I’m an ardent proponent of collaboration using disruptive thinking, idea sprints, and prototyping to arrive at unique solutions that are simple but impactful. I’ve worked on consumer brands (DTC), DTP/HCPs, and B2B advertising while taking on the leads for creative strategy, business pitches, internal workshops, social media marketing, and providing mentorship. My passion continues to evolve around immersive experience and driving digital stories to further engagement experiences and to promote disruptive creative thinking.


* Batteries included.


Ken Bae

Associate Creative Director

Email: kenbae1017@gmail.com