A Visionary Thinker*

Creative & Digital

Ken Bae

A visionary thinker* who can lead and go the distance with a license to innovate, develop and think conceptually with a robust work ethic. Highly skilled and ambitious senior-level professional with more than 10+ years of experience in developing, directing, and executing successful, visionary projects for high-profile brands.

Specialize in corporate branding and strategic digital advertising. Extensive experience with success in managing creative teams and developing award winning print/digital campaigns. Proactively pursuing to build brands that will make people feel and be moved by it. Actively involved in digital brands, augmented reality technology, kiosk displays, mobile/iPad apps, and analyzing social media marketing.

Perceptive and well versed in presenting work to clients and acting as a consultant on new project pitches.

Enjoys playing ping pong and writing songs in the basement.



*Batteries included.